The Bar Man

This is a mini series, it’s the stories told by a bar attender. It’s his account as he encounters different strangers who share their life experiences and stories.

Two Days Unknown

I saw a man sitting across the room looking lost. People usually come and go without saying a word. It’s normal around here, nothing strange. However, this time was a bit different, something for some reason felt wrong.

He sat there for a while, and made his way straight to the bar where I stood. He asked for a drink, a dirty martini to be precise.

“This world is shit you know?” He said. Now at that moment, it began to feel strange. A stranger at the bar, complaining that the world is shit.

“What?” Was my first response. At the time many thoughts raced through my mind. Was he suicidal or was I going to be a victim of circumstances unknown? It wasn’t the alcohol, because he had barely taken a sip.

He had a couple of glasses and the situation became clearer. He was trying to drown his pain. “One more.” He said. At this point I couldn’t let him have any more drinks, so I politely declined his request.

Larry, a usual customer who is present every other night gave me a signal to give one more.

“This world is shit; he needs to flush it down.” Larry said being sarcastic.

This guy Larry, he is a waste of time. A man with no life, a messed-up marriage and always owing debts. By the way he still owes me for the drinks from this particular night.

Back to the story, this stranger felt connected with Larry for some odd reasons.

“Can I ask you a question?” He said to Larry.

In all gladness Larry was all ears. I wasn’t ready to listen to another tale from a companion of drunks, but this stranger’s story caught my attention.

They had spoken for a little while before I started to listen, so I didn’t hear the start of the conversation. The rest of the story goes like this.

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