The Bar Man… Ep. 6

This is a miniseries, it’s the stories told by a bar attender. It’s takes you through a journey as he encounters different people who share their life experiences and stories.

Episode 6

At the Moment

 Everyone gets to that point where nothing really matters. There is not a day that goes by, that I don’t see frustration and hope dwindling in the eyes of people who come to drown their pain. Like Calandre will always say to me, ‘it is not about the sad moment, what matters is how much good we can salvage at these moments.’ To be honest, I never gave a thought to what she said until that day.

 I have been serving at the bar for nearly thirty years now, not once have a situation affected me this much. Maybe it’s because I never expected for something like this to ever happen. Here is how the story goes.

 It started like every other beautiful day, I woke up happy and headed to the brewery to handle some business. I called the wine shops and some other dealers who were running late on delivery. Larry was having his birthday party at the bar in two days, so I had to make sure there was enough drinks. The people who would be in attendance are his type, the drunk group. And no, he could only afford to pay for nearly nothing, in case you were wondering how he got the money.

 By four o’clock in the evening, the customers began to come in gradually, as they always do. Calandre was busy doing what she does best. I must say, she has been nothing but amazing. There came Larry, he spoke all through the night. He made trouble with strangers and argued with friends.

 “I want to come with you tonight. Maybe we can finish the painting, and also I would like to see Daniel before he leaves for work in the morning.” Calandre said, as we were rounding up for the day.

Daniel is my neighbor, he and Calandre have something going on between them. That’s some story for another day.

 While we were locking up the bar, Calandre slowly walked towards me followed by three men in masks. I could see it in her eyes, she was really terrified. It was unusual for these things to happen in this part of town, especially to someone like me who knows everyone.

“Don’t worry darling, it’s going to be alright.” I said to Calandre, she had a gun pointed at her head.

 I tried my best to make everyone calm and asked them to point the gun at me. The masked man complied and did as I asked. He ordered I gave him what I sold that day. I gave him some of it, he wasn’t going to know anyway, because it was quite a lot.

 As they hurried out, one of the guys in mask stopped and looked back. He stared at Calandre for a brief moment, he looked at her like he knew who she was. He pointed his gun to her and all I heard was a muffed bang.

 Everything became slow as I watched Calandre fall to the ground. Fear, shock, disbelieve, and some unexplainable feeling rushed through me all at once.

 It wasn’t long after the ambulance came. The moment she got shot to the time I called the ambulance and to when they arrived, was the scariest moment in recent time.

 While at the hospital waiting for Calandre to come out from surgery, something surprising happened. Larry, Irish, and many others came rushing in genuinely concerned for Calandre.

 It was only a couple of months ago Calandre was alone. Now she has so many people who genuinely cares for her and love her as their own. I could finally realize what Calandre always said, ‘it is not about the sad moment, what matters is how much good we can salvage at these moments.’

 Nevertheless, nothing really mattered to me, all I wanted was to know Calandre will be fine. An old man like me should be ready for anything life throws my way. Unfortunately, I wasn’t ready at the moment.

Episode 7 Next…

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