The Bar Man

This is a miniseries, it’s the stories told by a bar attender. It’s takes you through a journey as he encounters different people who share their life experiences and stories.

Episode 5

Stupid Stu

It was only a couple of months back Stewart had his baby boy. He came to the bar last week with his wife and they both sang beautifully during the karaoke night. If I remember correctly, the song was ‘I will always love you’ by Whitney Houston. Oh, that song, always gets to me. Well to be honest I felt like I was the only one who did enjoy their performance. Calandre couldn’t stop laughing. Very mean human, that one. Okay, straight to the story.

Stewart or Stu like I call him, is very much a regular guy. Normal guy with a beautiful wife, two kids and a good job. He has a nice home and pretty much everything working out just fine. He does walk a little funny, that was because of the incident that happened with Boy Jones. I will tell you about that some other time.

Earlier in the year, Larry told me of a gossip he got from a friend, who was told by the brother of another friend, who was also told by the best friend of a nephew. Trust me, this kind of gossips are very confusing. Well let’s say the information was from a long line of unreliable sources. The gossip was that Stu was having an affair with a minor. Allegedly it was his children’s babysitter.

But if I remembered correctly, Stu’s children babysitter wasn’t a teenager. It was actually his wife’s aunt, who by the way is probably my age. Let’s say somewhere around her middle fifty’s if I’m not mistaking.

She is a rich lady without any kids and she practically raised Stu’s wife. It’s quite confusing because she has a maid who caters for her every need. So, the question is, why does she babysit anyone at that age? It didn’t make any sense.

Last night, Irish was at the bar. He was having a chat with Larry, when they called for my attention. Irish said he was asked by Stu to represent him for a divorce case. The irony is, Stu’s wife called Irish a day before, and told Irish she wants to file for a divorce. Irish said he told Stu he was thinking of representing his wife, unfortunately. Now Stu is pissed.

“What happened? I thought they were a happy couple. They were just here the other day singing together, and happy.” I said, because I couldn’t believe what was going on.

Calandre who was standing next to me said, “I wouldn’t be so sure they were a happy couple. Well, for Stewart that is certain. Last week he offered me two hundred box if I would meet him at the motel across the road.”

“You didn’t take it?” Larry asked, looking disappointed.

“I got a hundred as an upfront payment, but I didn’t get the other hundred because I never showed up.” Calandre replied, with a dubious smile.

That could explain why Stu came over two nights ago looking for Calandre, it was her night off so he couldn’t find her. She had clearly scammed him, and he wasn’t looking happy at all.

Back to the story, Stu’s wife caught him half naked at her aunt’s house. She got a call from the neighbor that she saw someone like her husband on the balcony in a very compromising situation.

Turns out that Stu was actually having an affair with his wife’s aunt. He usually dropped the kids over and had his fun too.

Luck did run out on him that day, when his wife’s aunt overhead the conversation he was having with her maid. She realized that Stu was sleeping with her maid and the maid’s daughter, who was just seventeen. Well, she wasn’t the only one after all.

Hell broke loose that day, with all the fighting and shouting. The neighbors saw the drama and called his wife.

Larry’s sources were right after all, Stu did have an affair with a minor. What a shame.

“Stupid that one is, way more stupid than I am.” Larry said, shaking his head. For a moment, Larry was quiet and staring at Irish. He said, “hey Irish. I did see you making out with Stewart’s wife two weeks ago in the parking lot. Didn’t I?”

Well, whatever was going on, I did not know. Who’s stupid or not is left for you to judge. I must say, I knew from the start he was nothing but Stupid. I’m talking about Stu.

Episode 6 Next…

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