The Bar Man

This is a miniseries, it’s the stories told by a bar attender. It’s takes you through a journey as he encounters different people who share their life experiences and stories.

Episode 4


This was just before summer was over. The nights were still so much fun, the young ones were always hanging out at the bar until late. At times like that it was really crowded, so it was quite difficult to see who exactly was coming in and going out. But this time it was without notice, my eyes stumbled on this young lady.

It was clear she was in over her head. It is easy to tell when someone is drowning and cry for help. Well literally it is, but this time in another context. She was there with a couple of friends, the kind of friends who were more toxic than the substance there were obviously taking.

As I stood at the bar serving drinks and having a chat with some friends of mine, I couldn’t help but always turn my attention to this young lady. It wasn’t long before Nathan noticed that my eyes always wondered towards her direction.

Nathan, let me give you a back story about this guy. Honestly there is nothing special, he is a good man and a lawyer. Very open-hearted fellow but he has an issue with height. No, he doesn’t have acrophobia. He is a brief explanation of how tall a man should be. Let me be kind and say he is a short man. They say short people are a handful and Nathan is no different from that description. I nicknamed him Irish.

It was the day he came storming in, he had a quarrel with Larry over some business issue. That day he was wearing a green coat. It was awkward he wore a coat, let alone a green one. He looked like a leprechaun.

In my defense, I didn’t want to be disrespectful, but he really did look like one.  He and Larry were so loud arguing, I got irritated and screamed, “hey Irish, you and Larry go somewhere and settle your issues.”

“What did you just call me?” Nathan reacted in shock.

“Irish.” I replied, with a dead look in my eyes.

That was it, the name stuck with Nathan from that day because Larry wouldn’t let it go. I must say, he loves the name now. People who are new to this part of town don’t even know his real name. They just call him Irish; he is one popular guy though.

Back to the story. At the end of the day, I was on my way home with Irish. He had waited till I closed, when we saw this same young lady sitting at the corner in tears. We went over to see what the problem was.

It turned out she was an addict; she had lost her parents a year ago and left to fend for her younger ones. It was a heart wrecking moment, to see someone with no hope. I and Irish offered to help. He took her home to get her siblings and he moved them to his place to stay for the main time.

Over the next few weeks, he filed to become their legal guardian. It turned out their legal guardian at the time, was their aunt. She was also an addict and had introduced this young lady into doing drugs.

It took a while before she got clean and off drugs. She and her siblings went to school and she took a part-time job with me at the bar. This was quite some time ago before Calandre. The name of this young lady is Riley.

You remember Riley? Yeah, the same girl I always gave a shot of tequila on the house. She got a job elsewhere and worked hard. I was so proud of how she turned her life around and her determination. I offered her a shot of my most expensive tequila for free anytime she came over.

All of this I would say it is owed to Irish. He fought hard to help those kids; he has been doing that for others ever since then. What a nice short man he is. If only we had more people like Irish, the world would be a much better place.

With a sincere heart, I pray for the day I would say those words for Larry. Till then, I’ll have a toast to my short friend, Irish.

Episode 5 Next…

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