you never said sorry

Before the goodbyes, long before we gave up.
So quick the good days went by, quicker than a hiccup.
You promised in my place you would die, a promise you screwed up.
To think I fell for that makes me cry, I fell so flat like I would never get up.

Save me this pain I begged like a stray.
You should have made it clear you never intended to stay.
We will be together forever, a stench lie that tasted of decay.
Did it ever cross your mind I was nothing but your prey?

Now you are at my mercy, I am sorry.
My mind refuses to hear you pray, I am sorry.
This petty karma is scary, I am sorry.
You froze my heart too icy, I am sorry.

Remember what you said when I needed an apology.
You never said sorry.


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