The Bar Man

This is a miniseries, it’s the stories told by a bar attender. It’s takes you through a journey as he encounters different people who share their life experiences and stories.

Episode 3

I saw Him Too

Before I say anything, let me start by saying this is definitely gonna scare you a bit. I am still terrified of some tales these drunks folks tell me sometimes. Calandre just started working here a week now, and she can tell you for a fact it’s not all fun.

There is this dude who works at the brewery. Yes, he is a drunk, but he doesn’t drink beer. Irony I know, how can someone be so dysfunctional right? Not to get ahead of myself, let me go straight to the story. It goes like this.

“Help me Pete, help me.” This dude came in crying.

The music was quite loud, but I could still hear his voice breaking through it all. He caught my attention immediately. Wait! I just realized I never told you my name.

Okay, let me introduce myself to you. I am Pete, or you can call me “The Bar Man”. At least that’s what many people call me. You know coming to think of it, not many people actually know my name. Never mind, back to the story.

Now the dude makes his way to the bar and sits right next to my friend. Larry, you know him from before. So, he’s talking about seeing some dead guy he owed money. This guy he claims to have seen, has been dead for like two weeks now. Everybody knew he was a troubled fellow with a history full of stupid shit. I wasn’t surprised to hear he kicked the bucket.

Anyways, this dude says to me; “Pete, Derick did come back to kill me. He smashed my car window and he’s asking me for his money. He said I will be going right straight to hell if I don’t get him the money.”

I knew this dude was a drunk, but he had not drank anything that night. You could imagine the look of disappointment on Calandre’s face when she heard him. ‘Oh, poor me, not another insane night’, I said to myself.

Unsurprisingly, Larry was going all crazy about it. He said he does sees ghosts from time to time but none of them ever broke his car window. Not to be mean, I found that really stupid. Not because he claims to be seeing ghosts, but because Larry doesn’t even have a damn car.

Long story short, this dude apparently borrowed money from Derick the dead guy. It so happened that he got hit by a bus, while coming over to get his money. As collateral damages would go, this dude felt he didn’t have to pay the dead guy back.

He went on and on about not being able to go home, he insisted Derick was right outside the bar waiting for him. Larry was kind enough to follow him to go check it out and talk Derick back to the grave. His plan, not mine.

It wasn’t long, these two came back panting. Larry for sure looked like he just saw a ghost. So much for a ghost-buster. To be honest, none of them seemed drunk anymore. With my years of talking to drunk people, I can pretty much tell if someone is under the influence, and these two were definitely not.

A minute or two later, Calandre comes out from the back and said she saw a strange guy walked in, and hurried back out after he saw her.

You can feel it right? Because at that moment, the hairs at the back of my neck began to erect. She told me to go check, but there was no way I was going there alone. I kept my cool and mustered up some courage, but there was nothing there.

Immediately, the light in the storage room blew up. Now I understand how blind people find their way around their houses really fast. In seconds I was back at the bar. I ran so fast I can’t remember how I got there.

“I think it’s enough for the day. You should go home or go to Derick’s house and pay the money to his wife.” I said to this dude. That was the best advice I could give.

I know it’s a little bit stupid, I don’t believe in ghosts either. But for some odd reason it didn’t feel right. The dude left the bar to Derick’s house to pay the money and returned. He said he didn’t see him anymore, he sounded relieved and looked happy.

As he left the bar the second time that night, I strangely stared at him as he walked out the door. I could swear for a moment I saw Derick standing by the door smiling at me. It was the strangest thing I had ever seen, and in a flash he wasn’t there. Maybe it was my mind playing tricks on me, but that night was some really strange night.

That night before I slept, I had to say my good-nights to everyone. “Goodnight Calandre, goodnight Larry, goodnight ghost in the store, goodnight dude, goodnight Derick and goodnight everyone.” I can’t still believe it; I saw him too.

Episode 4 Next…

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