The Bar Man

Episode 2

Best Friends


After a year of dating, something began to seem a bit out of place. Calandre noticed Josh was always visiting at odd hours, and never seemed to remember her schedule. He was almost always at the apartment she shared with Renee. Before she got home or immediately she left, Josh always called that he just got to her place. They always seemed to miss themselves, it was odd, really odd, I would say.

Renee was a secretive person, there was a mystery man in her life she didn’t let Calandre meet. Receiving flowers, gifts, and all sorts of new stuffs. Even Calandre who was in a relationship didn’t receive that much. Things got really interesting from here on.

Josh was working in some insurance company, and had told Calandre he had to leave town. He for some reason was selected for some work, an old cliché lie every dude tells. Calandre didn’t buy it, so she asked Renee for her opinion.

“You read into everything. You are definitely gonna stress him out. Give him a benefit of a doubt.” Those were Renee’s exact words.

The next few months a lot happened, Calandre found out Josh was cheating on her, and called it quits. Men are scum right? The end. If only it actually ended there.

Calandre would still see Josh around sometimes, and would get mad. According to Renee, Josh still wanted her back. Not long Renee got pregnant and the baby daddy didn’t want to have anything to do with it. Renee said it was her boss’s and he fired her because she won’t terminate the pregnancy. Best friend right?

Calandre used up her savings to support Renee through her pregnancy period. A couple of weeks after the baby came, the baby’s daddy shows up. Now he wants custody because Renee never told him she was pregnant.

Things like this happen a lot of the time, but something was so wrong about this picture. The father of the child was not Renee’s boss. Exactly, you guessed it right. I mean, you knew where this story was going from the start, right?

And now Calandre is here broken, and she has nothing left. Renee had squandered her savings and betrayed her trust. She’s back to being lonely with no one to love or be loved.

I offered her a job at the bar, and asked her to stay in the spare room upstairs. It was the best I could do. I know what it means to be in a strange place with no one to help. She deserves some happiness and a new best friend.

If you don’t know who the baby daddy is, I will tell you. Calandre’s new boyfriend, Anthon. Yeah, exactly what I was thinking. Who the hell was this Anthon guy? Apparently, Renee had been sleeping with Josh and Calandre found out but forgave her. And now she got pregnant for Anthon.

Poor Calandre, so much for best friend. Tomorrow she will be right here by my side to welcome some new friends. And yeah, I can’t wait for her to meet Larry. A friend he’s gonna be, that one.

Episode 3 Next…

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