The Bar Man

This is a mini series, it’s the stories told by a bar attender. It’s takes you through a journey as he encounters different strangers who share their life experiences and stories.

Episode 2

Best Friends

It was the same as every other day. Standing there in the bar serving drinks to every character you can possibly think of. A couple of friends came over to get some drinks, they are always fun to have around. And then there was also Riley. Usually I always gave her a shot of tequila on the house, she was always full of spirit after a hard days job. That’s a story for another day.

On this night in particular, nothing special happened until it was time to close for the day. Remember Mr. Larry? Yeah, that same guy. He is usually the last to leave the bar, but not today it seemed.

A young lady was sitting at a table all alone. She seemed to have fallen asleep where she sat.

“Excuse me miss, if you don’t mind. We are closed, I’m locking up now. It’s time to go.” I said to this lady.

In my years of experience, I have learnt not to be hard on people. Majority of the people you see wasted are going through a whole lot of stress.

To spare you the boring details, she started crying and pleading if she could spend the night at the bar. This was way beyond my expectations, but for some reason I felt like I should help. She was young, maybe she looked a bit crazy, but she definitely looked lost. I could see some behavioral traits of my younger brother in her. It was obvious she had made a terrible mistake and now the regret is kicking in. She told me her name was Calandre, but she definitely didn’t look like a Calandre to me. Hell, I never even met one before, neither have I heard that name.

There was a lot of pleading and crying and convincing. I finally gave in, but first I asked her to be honest with me and tell me her story. This is how the story goes.

Calandre like every other young girl growing up without her parents just want to live their life to the fullest. She had nothing special to cling to, or no one in particular who loved her dearly. It was just her against the world, that’s how it always is in these situations.

About two years ago, she met her best friend Renee, who was the only person she ever cared for. That was before she met Josh, her ex-boyfriend. Renee had moved from their hometown and found a job in this side of the city. It was a long way from home. Renee invited her over to come stay, she knew Calandre would find it difficult to cope without her.

For the most part they were happy, Calandre managed to get herself some meager jobs from time to time. It was only just a few months later she met Josh. He wasn’t her first boyfriend, but he was the only one who made her feel good about herself.

Calandre and Josh were the typical definition of sweethearts. Well, according to what she told me, I do wonder what it means nowadays. Anyways, Renee was the third wheeler, she was one who never committed to relationships. Renee always felt relationships were not her thing.

to be continued…

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