The Bar Man

Episode 1:

Two Days Unknown


The situation was getting worse between this stranger and his boss. No one could yet still figure out who was responsible for the money that never made it to the bank.

Well, since he couldn’t account for his whereabouts for the last two days, he was the main suspect. The cops had asked him repeatedly, but he kept to the same story that he woke up on his bed and two days had gone by.

No one sleeps that long; the police were certainly not going to buy that phony of a story. It became a possibility he did hard drugs and had squandered the money. Surprisingly, he was clear from drugs according to his blood tests.

It was frustrating for the boss that thirty thousand dollars could go missing without any explanation. No arrests could be made, but he was told not to leave town.

The matter became more interesting. All these while I wasn’t listening, the stranger had told Larry of his affair with the boss’s wife.

“Wait, what?!” I know right? I was also confused at this point. One minute he was talking about some money that got missing, now he’s having an affair with his boss’s wife.

Larry could relate with him. Like I said, they were birds of the same feathers. Okay, back to the story.

All these while he knew where the money was. He had given it to his boss’s wife who had demanded he get her the money. She found out that his boss was sleeping with this stranger’s sister. That’s how he got the job in the first place. So, she in turn started sleeping with him as a payback. That wasn’t enough, she needed an actual pay.

A whole bunch of messy webs been spawn. The boss’s wife told the stranger to bring her the money and they’ll run away together. He did bring her the money, but she was gone before he realized. He panicked and went missing for two days, and all he could say was that he blanked out.

He lost his job, he got thirty thousand dollars to pay, his boss is still sleeping with his sister, and his mistress ditched him. The irony is, he can’t confess to his boss he was sleeping with his wife, because his boss will kill him. He got two days left to pay the money, or he’ll be charged to court and have to face jail time.

“Somehow something is gotta give. You either find that bitch and get the money, or you shoot yourself. Right now, you are in some serious shit.” Those were Larry’s words of advice.

The world really is shit for this stranger, just like Larry’s life. I am just the bar man who gets shit rubbed off on by these likes.

They both sat there that night drinking, feeling sorry for their lives. The stranger paid what he owed and was gone. Leaving  me with the burden of what will be the outcome of his situation. As for Larry, I’ll see him tomorrow, and the day after. Hell, for the next two days unknown.

Episode 2 Next…

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