DEep, PRESSure, attentION

Depression is a sensitive mental health issue that plagues a lot of people worldwide. Regardless of age, gender, social status, religion or believe. Lack of awareness, fear of stigmatization (causing depressed people to hide their feelings), miscommunication, ignorance, and so on. These are some of the ways we fail to notice those who suffer. Help those in need, and don’t be scared to talk to someone about it if you are in need.

I am alone, left in this void space falling.

This lifetime of hope is nothing but a reflection of my failings.

Pull me upward, you heard me crying.

Ignorant you are, beyond this unfamiliar depths, I am sinking.

Make peace with this, I am laden without rest.

I lay here with the thoughts of you placed on my chest.

Did you see me I wonder, this is my greatest unrest.

Set me free before I implode under pressure, at the slightest.

I thought you knew me, like you were a firm believer.

Your eyes says everything, I am no different from a stranger.

It is difficult to explain this anger.

I long for attention, but you only have nothing to offer.


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