Trouble, Peace,Vengeance, Forgiveness…

We all feel sympathy or the need for justice. Negative and positive, different ends of the same stick. When life is viewed from one end, the real picture becomes exiguous.


In the silence of night begins the whisper

By the dawn of day, one shall owe a pound to the collector

What is owed was always meant to be paid

Deny the collector, then shall the dust be raised by he who is owed


Upon the mountain is a quiet place

At the edge of the cliff where the ocean batters against the rock

The mind is forever loud, ease doesn’t guarantee solace

Let yours be yours and mine be mine, what is peace if strive is our look


An embrace that brings chaos

He who rides this chariot should be wary of destruction

Balance of penance is a mirage, to be steady is the fair price

One for the other, a bargain that leaves all empty


Nothing left to say

Let it be the end of all things, only the fool shall stay

If what is owed is forgone, what is the satisfaction for the collector?

Be ye troubled or regain peace, the one shall remain a debtor


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