Something New

In the wake of a new year, it feels like a fresh start. It’s seems like the best time to do away with old habits, and get on with new exciting things. As humans, there is the optimism that a new beginning brings about a fresh start, making everything alright. Like turning the switch off and putting it back on again would make life all figured. It would be nice if life had the ‘factory reset’ button.

Its been but a moment I took a breath

How heavy was the weight, I slowly faded away

A relief was all I needed, yet it seemed so difficult to come by

As the path went further into a state of monotony

Its been but a moment I stopped to think

How quick memories are laid one on another, like books on an old library book-shelve

There are many to reflect upon

Nevertheless, each one counts as a stepping stone, where the future shall be laid

Its been but a moment I laughed

The breath it takes out of ones lungs, happiness that drains strength

Who would have known that emotions of any kind has its toll

One that is worth it, who knows what comes next

Its been but a moment I wrote

Fingers rebel against the mind, as the mind wrestles itself

Pen on paper, beauty is always the outcome

Its the joy that comes with the expressions

Its been but a moment I had something new

The endless possibilities of what it could do, yet the new becomes old

Optimistically, again a chance for something new

This one is never ending, something new will always come with the break of day


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