Nothing Last Forever

I hold on to every precious moment as long as possible. “Nothing last forever,” is the reality that is embattled by the idea of “happily ever after.” The state of mind is affected by what we choose to hold unto, regardless of the current situation. The happiest moments are the shortest, the memories are what keeps us strong, when the dark days are upon us. Something beautiful to hold firmly to;

Happy was every moment

What is forever that stays pleasant?

When the sun goes down, the child must return to the tent

Just as a shadow is cast upon the silvery moon, save its crescent

Understand, “every moment” is the now that is pleasant

Happy was the hare

Thence to here

Hitherto, forever hasty it had no fear

In the last days, the leverets has its burdens to bear

Swift are the happy days, just like the days of the hare


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