A Long Way


The best is yet to come.

Hope is alive.

In the morning.

New possibilities.


When the morning comes what is yesterday to the man alive.

It never happened.



A time to always remember with fun memories.


There is a loop that seems like a never ending journey.

The circle.

Here time is known.

But the countdown takes its toll.


No two people or things are the same, we were made to understand.


What we see or choose to believe.

Similarity means difference.


Tomorrow will definitely be better than the past.


Work in progress.

When or how is the question.


Every new day defines age, as reality beckons.


Dreams or nightmares.

Are achievements now regarded as success?


A constant change in life plans, as this change remains the only thing unchanged.


Much knowledge to own.

How much is enough.


To acquire knowledge is free but what is to be known has been determined.


Power to the free.

There’s nothing to lose when nothing is owned.


Then I say, the best is yet to come, a promise made since we were born.


Even the wrinkled dream.

I have a dream, a word so powerful.

In what time does it manifest.


From creation of everything visible, the end of time is promised.

Yet time is endless.

The loop.

The secrets of the universe.

We have come a long way.


Again, the best is yet to come.

Hope is alive.






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