Is it happiness or pain, I can’t explain.

There’s an urge to let it be known again.

It is sitted deep down on the table of my heart.

At this crossroads I find myself, with every decision owning its path.

There is a strange comfort I get as I conceal my fear.

Yet I long for an angel to reveal itself, just to be sure help is near.

If my heavy heart is opened, my fear is made known.

Then I lose my protection, the silence upon which my strength has grown.

Here I lay my head at night, silently holding unto my own demise.

In the morning, when my silence is still unbroken, I say I am wise.

As death comes with a heavy heart, I am brave enough to choose my path.

There is relief in silence, that I may yet know.

It is just an experience as we live and grow.

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