African-American-Newborn-Baby This is the first of many to come, its like that beautiful song that starts like every other song, then resonates into that one song that goes with you for a life time.

A gasp for air, just like a new born child, that endless possibilities, the rush of joy and anticipation. The thoughts of what this new life could become, a prophecy fulfilled or just another like the rest.

My first breath as I begin to live and breathe, becoming the life that will grow day by day with every air that is drawn through my nostrils. I anticipate for the seeker and I’m glad for the finder. Knowing that the beautiful one is born, the gasp for air was a struggle but it was worth it.

My name is Joseph Turemi Chunu, might be the most “regular” guy you will ever know. This is my blog, this is your blog, this is our blog. Welcome to pohbblog.

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